Deadline: 30th, June 2020
Topic: Yesterday Owes Today Everything
Word Count:
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Storytelling is a very engaging art form that utilizes words and theatrics to teach values and capture experiences triggering a listener’s imagination. The creative use of words for societal benefits or say, the positive engagement of artistic creativity takes the fore in the conceptualization of a PIN Initiative. Having taken cognizance of the importance of storytelling to promoting ethical inclinations and cultural values, we are pleased to introduce Storytelling from Yesterday to the literati, and invite storytellers from all parts of the world to participate in an online (Instagram) storytelling contest.


THEME: Yesterday owes today everything

• Make a 3-minute video exploring the theme above, with vivid lessons related to ethics, values and culture. Note: the duration can be less than three minutes.
• Your delivery should feature the techniques of oral tradition
• Upload the video on your Instagram page
• Follow and tag: @nigerianpoets
• Use the #storytellingfromyesterday
Deadline: 30th June, 2020


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