Eligibility: All writers of all ages from all over the world

Word Count: 2000 words

Deadline: 1st October, 2020

The Perito Prize is an international, annual, short fiction competition run by Perito Ltd.

2019 celebrated the first year of the Perito Prize with a wide selection of high quality stories from writers of all ages, based all over the world. The Prize was created to get people thinking in different ways about inclusive environments, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and inclusive design!

For some people this conjures up thoughts of wheelchairs, hearing aids, and guide dogs, but we see the simple concept that all people should be able to contribute, participate, engage and have access to the world we all live in. Issues with access to spaces, social exclusion, lack of opportunity and different experiences can happen to anyone at any time – whether social, environmental, technological, physical, mobility impairment or injury, mental health, or less visible neuro-cognitive conditions.

We think there are so many great stories out there to celebrate the diverse world we live in. We want to hear them and share them so both our writers and readers start to try and think, analyse and design for inclusive environments in absolutely every we do.

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